Which States Get An Anzac Day Public Holiday In 2022

By Jessica Best
15th Mar 2022

It's possibly the most important question of the year—which states in Australia will get an ANZAC Day public holiday in 2022?

As one of Australia's most important national occasions, ANZAC Day commerorates the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand forces during World War I. Occuring on April 25 every year, the day marks the anniversary of when Australian and New Zealand forces, or the ANZACs as they were known, landed on Gallipoli—April 25, 1914. That said, ANZAC Day now marks a pretty broad remembrance of all those who have lost their lives in military action or peacekeeping operations where Australia has been involved.

At dawn, commemorative services are held all across the country—a routine that stems from military forces of yonder and still followed by the Australian Army today (where the first light of the day was deemed as the best time to launch an attack). ANZAC Day will also hear the Last Post at most dawn services, a bugle that traditionally sounds and signifies the end of the day's activities in the military.

ANZAC Day is also entirely synonomous with a gambling game called 'two-up' which gets played at pretty much every pub throughout Australia on April 25. 

Now, which states get a public holiday this ANZAC Day? We bring very good news. Thankfully, ANZAC Day falls on a Monday in 2022 which means the date will be a public holiday for all states and territories in Australia.

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