15 Sustainable Instagram Accounts To Help You Up Your Green Game

By Kaci Carson
7th Mar 2022

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So you want to live a greener life but don’t know where to start? Since we’re all on our phones anyways, why not add more sustainable content to your Insta feed? From drool-worthy, plant-based recipes and where to find the best keep cups to fashion and zero waste hacks, we’ve got you covered with a list of accounts that are bound to motivate and inspire you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Lauren Singer | @trashisfortossers 

Back in 2012, Lauren embarked on a challenge to live a zero waste life in NYC. Since then, she’s been a sustainability advocate and has even started her own package free business. Her page documents her endeavours living a zero waste life in a simple and practical way and will lowkey inspire you to make some changes in your life. She even fit a years worth of trash into a mason jar—so you know she’s legit.

Flora + Fauna | @floraandfaunaau 

This page shows us some of the latest and greatest vegan and eco friendly products on the block that you can buy direct from theme. We’re talking skincare, fashion, a dairy free chocolate range to die for and more. Basically, Flora and Fauna have got you sorted for all your sustainable needs.

Pottery For The Planet | @potteryfortheplanet 

Warning: you will want to buy everything Pottery For The Planet sells. They’re most known for their good looking ceramic keep cups and bowls but this brand also does travel containers with a silicon lid (an essential in our opinion). It’s perfect to make your lunch or morning coffee more colourful (and waste-free). 

Eco.Central | @ecocentral_ 

We know this stuff can be overwhelming at times. If you want to fill your feed with good hopeful news around the environment, give these guys a follow. Eco Central provides feel-good stories about sustainable improvements all over the world.

Good On You | @goodonyou_app 

For anyone just getting into sustainable (and ethical) shopping this is a good first stop. Their Insta page is full of helpful fashion swaps making it a useful addition to your feed. Even better?  They’ve got a website that gives sustainable and ethical ratings for stores and brands so that you can become a well-rounded conscious consumer. We dig that! | 

If you’re looking for simple swaps to help kickstart—or continue—your sustainable ways then you’ll want to go ahead and give Kappi a follow. They’ve got you covered with new waste free products (specifically for your bathroom, kitchen and baby) plus tips and hacks. 

Waste Free Planet | @wastefreeplanet 

This page is perfect for if you’re just beginning a sustainable lifestyle. It’s filled with recipes (the almond ricotta toast is a game-changer), helpful tips, and pantry inspo to help you get started. They’ve even got some green beauty hacks, like how to make your own ethical eye serum. Yep, you’ll probably spend hours on this account and no, we’re not sorry about it. 

Seed and Sprout | @seedandsproutco 

This eco friendly page will be your go-to supplier for all your sustainable, reusable, plastic free needs! A perfect spot for product inspo to kick start and all sustainable kitchen set up. We are in love with their sustainable beauty range featuring hair care, lip balm and deodorant all in reusable tins so you can look, feel, and smell good.

Vege Threads | @vegethreads 

Sustainable and ethically made, hand dyed basics? Yes please. With a name that proves its mission, Vege Threads have got you covered with basics and loungewear. These guys take eco-friendly to a whole other level by naturally dying their organic fabrics and they’re even certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. Comfortable and sustainable, this is seriously the perfect page for fashion staples to begin your sustainable wardrobe. 


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Thriving on Plants | @thrivingonplants 

Warning: This page will have you salivating at the mouth. Cherie Tu creates plant based meals for sustainable living because (spoiler alert) one of the best ways to save the planet is through food. Check out her healthy and diverse plant-based recipes that will truly have you (and the planet) thriving. Be sure to check out her vegan cinnamon rolls—they are to die for! 

Green+Kind | @greenandkind 

Many of these pages show you some simple sustainable swaps to make but Green + Kind goes into why it’s important to make these swaps—adding that all important extra layer of knowledge. For example, they’ll go deep on explaining the why behind coconut bowls, bamboo straws, and more! 


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Brightly | 

For our meme, reels (or Tik Tok) lovers, Brightly show off a less serious side of sustainability with some entertaining content. They also feature easy to follow graphics for you and your dogs to follow and beautifully eco-friendly homes destined to help you keep up a sustainable lifestyle and an at home houseplant jungle. 


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Run2Food | @run2food 

The brains behind this delicious looking instagram account is Brisbane-based Michelle, who’s got the best of both worlds of knowledge as a dentist and a food blogger. Have a scroll at her page for all the delectable plant-based desserts she creates—minus the guilt. Saving the planet never looked so delicious! 

Hara the Label | @hara_thelabel

Aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly loungewear and intimates for your wardrobe, yes please! They use bamboo fabric dyed with plants that make it look oh so comfy. Hara the Labels page is ever inspiring, empowering and colourful, featuring real women and real bodies.


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Greta Thunberg | @gretathunberg 

Greta, a young and powerful environmental advocate, has used her voice to call on world leaders to improve and prioritise their sustainability endeavors and we’re HUGE fans. Unsurprisingly, her Instagram is just as up-lifting. She has inspired multitudes of people to stand up for the planet and is sure to do the same for you. Giving fans access to her environmental endeavours, she’ll never cease to amaze you with her forward-thinking ways.

Next up, check out these six, super simple ways to live a more sustainble life.  

Image Credit: Instragram, Manny Moreno

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